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Micro Theatre is an independent festival of short plays performed in intimate spaces such as cafés and small art galleries in Newcastle - where the venue is the stage.

Micro Theatre is also a competition, supporter of local business

and social enterprise company.


With the support of local businesses and individuals who embrace the ideas of Micro Theatre, there is a competitive but friendly edge to the Festival.  Prizes are offered for best actor as well as prizes for writing, direction and production.


The Micro Theatre Festival both supports and partners with local businesses as Festival venues, promoters and sponsors.  Micro Theatre is a team effort and we are proud to work with creative and innovative businesses who share our passion for quality live performance.


Micro Theatre Pty Ltd was formed to be an independent social enterprise company.  We are committed to growing the Micro Theatre Festival as a self-sustaining festival, where all net profits are invested back into the festival.

About Micro Theatre

Our Venues

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The Owen's Collective

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101 Maitland Rd Islington


Newcastle Art Space

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91 Chinchen St Tighes Hill

The Base Logo-01.png

The Base

The Base is an integrated health and community centre located in the heart of Newcastle.

3 Tudor St Newcastle West


We can thank sleep deprivation, a conversation with a European about winter cafe nights, serendipitous meetings and a DIY attitude - for the creation of the Micro Theatre Festival.

With a pilot in 2015, no budget and the idea of having short plays in non-theatre spaces - amazing writers, directors and actors as well as three brave venues came together for a hugely successful event we optimistically called a festival. With the cheers echoing in our ears, we embarked on a more 'real' event for 2016 as we grew our audience, marketing and support from sponsors, Micro Theatre gained 'cred' and collaborators that made the Festival a brilliant experience for audiences and participants alike.


We are now preparing for our fifth Micro Theatre Festival in May 2020.  We keep trying new things - some work others don't.   But we will maintain our aim of trying to make quality and innovative theatre in Newcastle.  That and making sure we all have fun in the process!

Kate Dun

Micro Theatre Festival Director

Mardi Ryan

Micro Theatre Production Support

Megan Hazlett

Media Consultant

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