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Photo Gallery


Stephanie in the Play Wheeler Dealer, performed at Studio21 (2018)

Do Not Touch

Emma Wood in Do Not Touch at Studio21 (2018)

Worse Things Happen Window



Those Paper Aeroplanes! Space Commander and the Mud Monsters at The Press (2018)

Special Places

The stairs at Studio 21 become a Water Tower in Special Places (2018)

Worse Things Happen
Kate Dun and Mardi Ryan_fullsize

Kate and Mardi preparing for another big year!

Tristram Baumber

Tristram helping us launch Micro Theatre 2017

The Press

All those Gavels at The Press (2016)

Digested Rehearsal

Lissy Shand, Alex Jacobs and Pearl Nunn's back rehearsing Digested (2016)

Special Places

Special Places, written by Alex Giles and Directed by Jerry Ray (2016)


Cooper McDonald, David Gray and Kate Slowely rehearsing the play Youthinasia (2016)

Star Crossed

Emily Daly dating surprised audience members in the play Star Crossed (2016)

Portrait of a Writer

Rehearsal for Portrait of a Writer, Written by Danielle Asquith, Directed by Drew Pittman and performed at The Press (2016)

A Good Egg

Craig Lindeman and Chicken Suit at The Press in the play A Good Egg (2016)

Worse Things Happen

Amy Wilde & David Owens rehearsing Tristram Baumber's play - Worse Things Happen (2016)

Micro Theatre Team

The team of Writers and Directors for Micro Theatre 2016 - in the window of Curve Gallery

The Jo-Joe Twins

Stephanie McDonald and Duncan Gordon in action at Curve Gallery (2016)


Incoming - Winner of 2016 Best Previously Performed Play. Written by Kylie Farrugia and Tracey Dwyer (2016)

Free Fall

Theo Rule performing in the play Free Fall, written by Carl Caulfield (2016)

Vinyl Cafe

David Gray surveying the audience at Vinyl Cafe (2016)


Ben Martin, Alex Jacobs and Lissy Shand in the charming play - Digested written by Karen Eastwood and Directed by Pearl Nunn (2016)

The Papyrus Virus

The Papyrus Virus, written by Peter Oliver and Directed by Maurice Silver (2016)

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