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Become a 2017 Micro Theatre Sponsor

The Micro Theatre Festival is a huge team effort with around 70 volunteer participants (actors, readers, writers, directors, judges and some amazing helpers) and sponsors are an integral part of the Festival team.

We’d like to invite potential sponsors to consider the very real benefit their support provides to Newcastle via the Micro Theatre Festival. Sponsorship enables small business and live performance to come together, for Newcastle’s theatre artists to hone their craft, for emerging artists to get their start in acting, directing or writing and build capacity and relationships in the sector.

In 2017 we have welcomed Pumphouse School of Design as a design partner. We are working with Pumphouse on a student project to develop a suite of branding material for Micro Theatre.

Hunter Valley Fairs Pty Ltd has generously sponsored the Writers Workshop, which support writers aiming to enter a script in Micro Theatre, and more broadly, writers creating short scripts. This is an investment in nurturing talent.

What do sponsors receive?

Sponsors become part of the Micro Theatre team. Sponsors receive a ticket allocation, invitations to the launch and awards ceremony, social media mentions, website logo presence and logos on printed programs. And the best part – seriously enjoying being part of Newcastle’s own fun and quirky short play festival.

We are seeking sponsors to help us deliver an amazing event. Your investment in Micro Theatre is invited with the following opportunities:

  • Prize Money Sponsor - $4300 (includes 12 tickets to the Micro Theatre Festival and a huge thanks from the participants for the cold hard cash)

  • Production sponsor - $1200. This gives each Micro production a small budget to support the artists (includes 6 tickets to the Micro Theatre Festival)

  • Venue hire - $800 (includes 6 tickets to the Micro Theatre Festival where you can see the results of the rehearsals and meetings)

  • One off lighting sponsor - $800. This allows us to buy some portable lights we can use in any venue over future years (includes 6 tickets to the Micro Theatre Festival and actors get to bask in your glow)

  • Web hosting for 2017 - $200 (includes 2 tickets to the Micro Theatre Festival and keeps us ‘live’ for the year)

  • In-kind prize sponsors – are fantastic. Support with vouchers, tickets, items, discounts and so on are highly prized by the people who receive them as acknowledgement for their outstanding work.

What do our audiences say?

Magnificent! Great initiative for Newcastle.

Long may you prosper!

Brilliant show. Well done, 5 stars.

If the Micro Theatre Festival tickles your sponsorship budget, please contact Mardi at to have a chat about the possibilities of making an amazing Festival together.

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