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Micro Theatre 2017 Launch - and Announcements!

On Wednesday we gathered at The Press, drank coffee (and tea for me) and readied ourselves for another exciting Festival. Each year we try to grow Micro Theatre a little in the hope that many small steps will build a great festival.

Kate Dun and Mardi Ryan

In 2017 we have five Micro Theatre steps forward to announce, some small and one quite large. The website has had a revamp, we have a potential new venue, two new entry categories, a writers workshop and potentially a new logo. At the moment I am hoping I haven’t taken on too much!

Tristram Baumber

The Writers Workshop we have already announced. It will be held next Wednesday 5 April. It is a great opportunity for both first time writers as well as those who are keen to improve their skills.

As a trial we have added two new script entry categories. Along with the existing category of New Scripts and Previously Performed Plays we have added; plays adapted from any source by the writer; and existing works from any source entered by the person who would like to direct the production. If these two new categories prove popular we will continue to include them.

Marryanne Walmsley and Mardi Ryan

Which leads us on to the big news of a new venue – more like a very large step forward than a small step. Along with Vinyl Café, Curve Gallery and The Press, we potentially have Studio 21 Artspace in Hamilton joining us as a fourth venue. This is a great space, part Art Gallery, part Event space, the performances will feel more like you are experiencing a play in someone’s home – although a very modern home. It is really exciting to add a new and different venue to the mix that should fire up your imaginations. Photos coming soon.

But, if you do the sums that means we need a total of 16 short plays, with the directors and actors to match. Deep breath needed by me, lets hope we can do it!

And finally, we have been trying to give our web presence and image a little polish, with a new website and partnership with The Pumphouse School of Design to create a new logo for us. We had the works in progress from the Pumphouse at the The Press, thank you everyone for their input.

And finally, many of you may be wondering about the prize money, this is currently a work in progress. Please stay tuned for further announcements. Prizes will again be awarded for writing, directing and acting.

So sharpen your pencils and charge your laptops – Micro Theatre 2017 is now open – entries close Monday 19 June.

Festival Director Kate Dun Launching the 2017 Festival

We may have small venues and short plays, but we have big plans for Micro Theatre. We hope that Newcastle will embrace our small festival in a big way and together we can create an event our city can be proud of.

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