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People are our Strength

I had the good fortune to attend a workshop recently that was on offer to the community by Newcastle City Council. So, as Micro Theatre, I went along to “Positive Planning – Appreciative Inquiry”. There’s always something to learn and apply to our little festival.

I met really active people committed to their organisations who really did want to help their group plan and function better. I heard stories though of members who didn’t contribute while a small number did the work, cliques, disrespectful interactions and a sense of ‘it’s too hard’ from some.

All of this got me thinking about how we – and that’s the big team ‘we’ of actors, directors, writers, sponsors, readers, judges, audiences, venues and the friends and partners who help us out – come together to be part of Micro Theatre on an annual basis.

At the workshop there was some exploration of how to find and keep the excitement, and therefore engagement, in organisations. As this was discussed I realised that somehow, we (all of us), are getting the basics right. We care about the success and quality of the Micro Theatre Festival, we share the vision and desire to participate, we share in the plans and successes together, we are challenged to do well, we have social opportunities, we share the stories and feedback and we celebrate individual and group successes.

2016 Micro Theatre Writers and Directors

This has sparked for me a reminder that while I might get caught up in the ‘to do’ list, as we all do, there is a buzz of anticipation about Micro Theatre. Let’s keep up the great work and also remember to have fun doing it. Through this, I hope the excitement can build towards a great festival during 22 – 26 August 2017.


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