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Micro Theatre Richest Short Play Festival in NSW thanks to Port of Newcastle

For a second year, Micro Theatre has been successful in securing over $5000 in Community Partnership Funding from Port of Newcastle. It also means that for the second year running our Micro Theatre Festival will be the richest short play festival in NSW.

Same as last year, this money will go towards prize money and rehearsal space.

This ongoing support is a huge vote of confidence from PoN's Community Partnerships Program and highly appreciated by us - as I am sure it is by you as well.

Writers, directors and actors give an enormous amount of their time and energy to their art. The opportunity of prize money is not only a motivational boost for our performers, but also helps us attract high quality writers, directors and actors to the festival.

And don't forget, script entries close 19 June 2017, and if you would like to register as an actor please send us an email.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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