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A Logo that Embraces the Heart of Micro Theatre – Coffee and Wine!

Pumphouse School of Design Student Emma Cullen has created a very fitting new logo for Micro Theatre.

So you may have noticed that we have a new logo! A logo that pays homage to the coffee, tea and wine stains writers, directors, actors and audience create as we work our way through the Micro Theatre Season.

From the bleary-eyed coffee cup rings of sleep deprived writers to the celebration of performance night, as we sip our glasses of wine and cups of coffee and savour the finished product. Not to mention all of the work and pain that happens in between, aided by cups and glasses and remembered with love kissed stains they leave behind.

And we have Pumphouse School of Design and student Emma Cullen to thank for our very fitting logo.

Micro Theatre has been working with Pumphouse students on a project to provide students with a real life client process. Mardi and I briefed the students and provided feedback as their work progressed. We managed to narrow the wide range of options down to three and Emma’s inspired work was our final choice. Any of the final three logos the students created would have done us proud.

Emma is a Freelance Graphic Designer, so have a look at her on-line portfolio on The Loop or send her an email at -

Emma Cullen

Emma produces works in Visual Identity and Branding, Illustration- both vector and analogue

and creates unique works using both computer and pen on paper. We may have to tap into a few more of her skills.

Both Emma and The Pumphouse team have been a dream to work with. We can’t thank them enough and most certainly recommend them.

Get in touch and have a look at the Pumphouse Website.

And also stay tuned for our logo based fun for Micro Theatre this year. We will soon have badges and beer coasters – separately that is – not sure a beer coaster pinned to our lapel is the look we are going for!

All other ideas welcome!

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