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Micro Theatre Receives 70 Script Entries

Can you believe it? We have received 70 Script Entries for Micro Theatre 2017! A big thank you to everyone who entered. Scripts are currently with our Readers Panel - we have some work to do!

So, with so many entries it is now official, Studio21 Artspace is now our fourth Micro Theatre Venue for the 2017 Season. And of course the number of plays to be performed will grow from 12 to 16.

Studio 21 will be a brilliant space. Imagine theatre in your own home - a very modern home. We will be rearranging the furniture and expect to seat about 30 – 35, the same as The Press.

With kitchen, island bench, concrete floors and a glassed courtyard, you will feel like you dropped in for a coffee at a friend’s house and a play broke out around you.

For more photos and upcoming events visit the Studio 21 Artspace's website

Welcome to the Team MaryAnne

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