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Micro Theatre Receives Royal Patronage

If, at our Dress Rehearsal or one of our performances, you happen across Marie Antoinette, don’t be too surprised.

Helen Hopcroft is the writer of the play ‘Late’ being performed at Studio21 Artspace. Along with writing plays for Micro Theatre Helen is also spending a year dressing as Marie Antoinette. And yes that does include the wig, the wedding cake dress and, of course, the long gloves.

If you see her say hello and ask her how she is going with her royal ambition to raise the profile of Maitland - her home - as a cultural city and destination. And yes, Helen has heard all the cake jokes you could imagine.

For more information on her year as a queen have a read of this ABC news article.

Helen Hopecroft and Sheree Christoffersen are both having their plays performed at Studio21 Artspace in Hamilton

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