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What's in Store for Micro Theatre?

2017 was a big year for Micro Theatre – our little festival is not so small anymore! So, to cope with our expanding waistline, we are making a few changes in 2018.

What's in Store for Micro Theatre

And the big change is that Micro Theatre Newcastle is moving from August to June.

August has become a very popular time of year for theatre companies to perform in Newcastle and with actors, directors and audiences being stretched, we are relocating to June.

So, the next full Micro Theatre Festival in Newcastle will be held in June 2019 and this year we are bringing audiences a new and fresh take on Micro Theatre.

14 – 23 June 2018

Micro Theatre Newcastle - The Director's Cut

After three years we have a great back catalogue of plays to re-stage and re-imagine. This festival will present eight of these plays across two venues. Each venue will have one Director who will put their stamp on four plays selected from previous Micro Theatre Seasons.

I am really excited about this. I have written before about how we are looking to direct plays for the benefit of not only the individual works, but also using each play to enhance the other plays being performed around them. This will be a great opportunity to explore these possibilities.

By having one director at each venue we can better transition between the plays, to keep the audience immersed in the performance experience.

We will be making a formal announcement about the Directors Cut in February.

September 2018

Micro Theatre Maitland

We are currently in talks with interested parties about a Micro Theatre Festival in Maitland in September this year. We are keen, and so are some key people in Maitland. Once we have more information about this possibility, we will let you know. The viability of the event includes sourcing grants or sponsorship (for costs, coordination and prizes), so if you know of any potential sponsors, please let us know.

If it goes ahead, the winner of Micro Theatre Maitland will be in the program for Micro Theatre Newcastle in 2019.

26 November 2018

Script entries entries open for the Newcastle Micro Theatre Festival in 2019

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