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The Directors Cut - Venues, Plays and Directors Announced

As you all probably know by now, with the Directors Cut we have asked three of our most popular Directors to read through our back catalogue of short plays and choose four to re-imagined for our 2018 best of season.

So here they are the plays to be performed in our two venues for this season, The Press and Studio21 Artspace.


Venue - The Press

Director - Maurice Silver


Free Fall - Carl Caulfield - 2016

Space Commander and the Mud Monsters - Frank Leggett - 2017

Grass - Carl Caulfield - 2017

The Wisdom of Solomon – Tristram Baumber – 2015


Venue - Studio21 Artspace

Directors - Amy Wilde and Pearl Nunn of GNaW Theatre


Do Not Touch – Julia Lewis - 2017

Wheeler Dealer – Sally Davies - 2015

Special Places – Alex Giles - 2016

Worse Things Happen – Tristram Baumber - 2016

Tickets go on Sale Monday 14 May from our website –


Actors for each of the plays will be announced soon.

And don’t forget, the next full festival with open entries will be held in June 2019. Entries will open in December this year.

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