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People's Choice Winners Announced


Micro Theatre The Director's Cut 2018 has now finished and we can announce the winners of the People's Choice Awards. A big thank you to everyone who filled in one of the voting forms.

So, the winners are:-

For Studio21 - Worse Things Happen

Worse Things Happen was written by Tristram Baumber and Directed by Janet Nelson

Actors - Amy Wilde and Phil McGrath

The Press - The Wisdom of Solomon

The Wisdom of Solomon was written by Tristram Baumber and Directed by Maurice Silver

Actors - Anthony Howes, Maurice Silver, Freya Montefiore and Jacinta Rose

Yes you have read correctly, Tristram Baumber wrote both of the plays that received the People's choice awards. Nice Work Tristram!

Thank you to everyone involved in the Micro Theatre this year, writers, directors, actors and audience. You all did a brilliant job and we look forward to working with you all again next year!

Photos left to right - Worse Things Happen, Wisdom of Solomon and Wisdom of Solomon again!

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