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We are doing it again, The Bravery Award

As always Micro Theatre is looking for the new and creative theatre experience and the Bravery Award is a reward to our writers and directors who find ways to create new and innovative theatre in small spaces.

Stephanie Rochet and Roger Ly in James Chapman's What is About to Happen on the Dance Floor

In 2019 the Award was won by James Chapman’s play ‘What is about to Happen on the Dance Floor.’ The play was narrated by James, while two dancers, using what may be described as interpretive dance, performed. It was hilarious. It won for the dance, the use of space in the smaller venue and the fact that the audience really had no idea what was going to happen next. And most importantly, it was like no previously performed Micro Theatre play.

The award is by the Festival Director, for the writer or director who brings the best new creative twist to Micro Theatre – and don’t worry, prizes for best direction, script and acting will remain.

So now you are staring at a blank white computer screen wondering where to go now, what could be new?

Linked Narratives – We have never had two plays with a linked narrative. Two seemingly different works at a venue with some form of linked story that only becomes apparent once the audience has seen both plays.

We have never had a Ghost Story – Micro Theatre is performed in winter, what more can I say?

Building on an Existing Story - build upon what people may already know – characters from a well know book or theatrical work, something else commonly known or understood – then take it in a whole new direction.

If you have never seen a micro performance and are thinking of entering please have a look at our videos, see the venues and remember, no sets, few props, no lights out! The venue is the stage!

And finally, the feedback we receive from our audience says that they like the intimacy of Micro Theatre, the surprise and that it is different.

Good luck and happy writing!

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