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Micro Theatre 2021 Winners

Congratulations to everyone - just getting Micro Theatre 2021 into the venues made us all winners this year!

It was a long wait to see these fabulous plays (after COVID paused us in 2020) but it was worth it.

Thank you to everyone involved, we couldn’t have done it without every single one of you. Together we created a really awesome festival that took our audience on many mini wonderful journeys. Well done


Jan Hunt (Small Hard Truths)

Phil McGrath (Small Hard Truths)

Bailey Ackling Beecham (Band Aid) Theo Rule (How’s Anna) Virginia Keeley (Refuge)

EXCELLENCE IN DIRECTING Danielle Asquith (Refuge)

Vanessa Bates (Small Hard Truths)

EXCELLENCE IN WRITING Sally Davies (The Extraction Team, Tick A Box) Vanessa Bates (Small Hard Truths) Karen Eastwood (Digested)

Photos l-r: Jan Hunt and Phil McGrath in Small Hard Truths; Shae-Lee McDonald and Baily Ackling Beecham in Band Aid; audience member, Theo Rule and Hanna King in How's Anna

FESTIVAL DIRECTOR AWARDS Band Aid – Tallulah Eden, Phoebe Turnbull, Shae-Lee McDonald, Baily Ackling Beecham Refuge – Tracey Dwyer, Kylie Farrugia, Danielle Asquith, Virginia Keeley, Michael Peters Small Hard Truths – Vanessa Bates, Phil McGrath, Jan Hunt Digested – Karen Eastwood, Louise Chapman, Jarrod Sansom, Sandy Aldred


Best use of space – Charlie Eastwood Best question (can actors kiss?) – Danielle Asquith Best Pregnancy Test throw – Shae-Lee McDonald Best Nun – Lawrence Hallinan Best impromptu line-feed – Lachlan Fairhall Best snake & Tee props – Freddy Hellier, Aimee Honor Eltham Best all round helper – Michael King

Photos l-r: Lawrence Hallinhan in Echoes of the Sound of Music; Louise Chapman and Sandy Aldred in Digested; audience member, Alexandra Mangano and Gabriel Wittman in Murder Plot

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