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SURPRISE! - We have a Mystery Play!

Will you be at the venue when the Mystery play is performed? - Two nights at each venue during the festival so you may get lucky.

Producing a Play Festival during the time of COVID19 brings it's own particular challenges, like what to do if an actor gets a cold? It doesn't even need to be the dreaded COVID, a cold means no performance and a hole in the program.

So for 2021 we introduce to you The Mystery Play! The Mystery play may be performed at any venue it is needed, or at random venues. And if you have a hankering to see 1940's Grace and Frank trying to work out where they are, how are trams different to light rail, and how to check in with their device, then the play is programmed to be performed at The Base on the final night of the Festival - Saturday 20 February.

A big thank you to Karen Eastwood for re-working this great script originally performed at The Press Bookhouse in 2016.



Written by Karen Eastwood, Directed by Louise Chapman

Actors - Sandy Aldred, Jarrod Sansom, Louise Chapman

Grace and Frank have been to see a movie at Civic Picture Theatre in 1946, but they seem to have been mysteriously transported to a foreign land - or is it? The streets have the same layout... yet familiar landmarks have been replaced by buildings called ‘KFC’. Confused, they stumble into the nearest cafe to find out what has happened.


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